March 05, 2006

Rejected Titles of Brokeback Mountain

"Hey, just a week to go until Elton John's wedding. You know where Elton's
honeymooning? Brokeback Mountain." -Jay Leno

Garbageman Johnnie Smith found inside a trashcan of Annie Proulx's suburban home an alleged list of rejected titles of her seminal novella, Brokeback Mountain. Prior to its publication, Annie was rumored to have a very difficult time naming her story with the author engaging in back-breaking mental search. This was the partial list recovered:

Bore Ass Mountain?
Broke Ass Mountain
Broke His Back Mountin'
Bareback Mounting
Bareback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain...

Let me know if you've found the rest of the titles & I'll be glad to post it!

1 comment:

Loloy D said...

Well, there's
Brokebutt Mounting,
Brokebutt Mountain
Brokejack Mountin'.