July 02, 2006

Personification of American Hegemony

Superman going around the globe from Manila to Italy to France saving people reeks of American Hegemony of global security. He is portrayed as the world's policeman, fireman, and one-man security force where everyone is beholden to him and utterly grateful to his Boy Scout acts. But still, it shows that an American Icon like Superman being on top of global affairs where he has influence over other sovereign nations makes me want to puke. Not only is he violating the air spaces of other countries, he is implying that other countries can't take care of themselves and are always in need of Superman.

Now, who the fuck asked Superman to save the world?
Who the fuck asked GWBush to save the planet?

These are the questions Superman must answer:
1. Why is he not classified as a Weapon of Mass Destruction?
2. Why did GWBush not tapped him in the Iraq-Afghanistan War?
3. May passport ba si Superman to go flying into other nations?
4. Why was Iraq or Palestine not mentioned in the areas where help is needed?


yuri said...

americans can fly to other countries without any visa kung meron man, visa upon arrival. not like us flips. hahahaha

sparks said...

Although I have every prejudice to make conclusions similar to yours, I think Brian Singer made a conscious effort not to include any political undertones in the latest installment to the Superman myth. Instead he chose to portray this character as a metaphor of "Christ the Savior".

Nevertheless, the fact that this film will make millions of dollars in foreign markets as well as reach a multitude of audience open only to big Hollywood films is testament to the cultural hegemony of the United States.

Jules said...

yuri: really? visa upon arrival? well well well VIP talaga sila ano?

sparks: amen to that! from one end, it could be Christ & humanity, while the other America & the rest of the world!