December 02, 2006

Siquijor Retroactìf

Here are some posts from friends pertaining to our nice Siquijor vacation! (A good excuse to pass writing the same things again! hahaha!)

Links courtesy of Ms. Garinungkadol:
1st day (Ratsada)
2nd day (Tampisaw)
3rd day (Putikan)
Last day (Kebab)

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Citizen of the World said...

Oh. My. Siquijor looks great, ha? Kahit kaunti lang yung pics mo. How does one fly there from Manila? Meron ba? *grins* Or is it MNL-BHL-SQR? Ganda ng beach! Wowowee!

P.S. Sabi ko na nga ba MD ka, eh. I did\'t get to confirm until today.