March 09, 2007

New Blog

In view of recent job (more like a vocation) experiences, all my quips on that shall forthwith be placed in a separate (and more anonymous) site. Such site will not be mentioned in this blog or in any public forum for fear of reprisals. Let's just say, if you do find my new site, then good for you because it's really a can of worms. And you don't want to get dirty.

And in this site shall remain all the frivolous fripperies that the public may want to peruse such as food items, entertainment reviews, existential musings and everyday mishaps. All other incendiary materials will be torched in the other furnace.


watson said...

wala bang clue para dun sa kabilang blog? :-)

sparks said...

Oh, but I don't know you personally, so can you e-mail me your new new blog's url? :)

mylittlearthquakes at gmail dot com


slim whale said...

i've just gone back to blogosphere jules. miss reading your posts. i wonder if you would allow me to read this other blog?

here's my email addy:

i have yet to read your palanca entry.

vina said...

oh come on! my imagination's running wild now! :P

anong blog kaya yan aber!?!

Jerome C. Herrera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JM said...

Hi J! I hope you'll send me the URL of the other blog, and I hope it's still a can of worms. :D