July 13, 2007

Must Love Crocs

My dad was a shoe fetish. I am not. My pairs are his hand-me-downs and the product of hours of trawling inside factory outlets. But today, I received a package from mi hermanas in North America. Inside a plastic bag were two pairs of Crocs, a khaki colored one and a navy blue with an orange strap.

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Though their designs are left to be desired, their function as wardshoes are perfect. Why?

1. When working long bestial hours (8 am until 5 pm the next day), a health professional's feet eventually develops edema (swelling due to water retention) and thus must rest. But with Crocs, the orthopedic softness of the material cushions each footfall which means less pressure. With less pressure, fatigue is somewhat diminished.

2. The design has vents to facilitate the release of noxious fumes coming from bacteria and fungi respirating from one's feet. Thus, such ingenuity will eliminate bad odor.

3. Because the material is plastic (and is designed primarily for the beach), they are durable against constant use and abuse. I can use it in the rain, in the wards, in the ER, or even kicking Dr. Caprice's corrupt ass.

4. The shoes have an easy slip-on mechanism wherein at the front it looks like a decent closed-toe shoes but upon seeing the heel, one will discover that it is more of a sandal instead. Thus, comfort and convenience are achieved. With a little compromise in the dignity departmant, that is.

5. Biggest reason to wear crocs is this:
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I can't believe I've devoted time and space for this! I guess a "shoe fetish" can indeed be inherited after all.


Jap said...

but it looks good on dubya =) don't you think? hehehe now let us see you wearing em =)

slim whale said...

no wonder they're unbelievably expensive. but after reading what a doctor like you has to say about it, i might just get a pair.

Jules said...

jap: hanggang kay dubya lang... heheheh...

slim: it's soft and very good for the feet... get one (this is coming from someone who sneers at havaiianas as the glorified tsinelas)

AngelMD-No-More said...

j, u really have a gud pair...it looked gud on u, really...btw, do u have s6?haha

Fendi said...

Crocs are banned here in Sweden Hospitals. ;)


Sam said...

They look good! I shall buy one...i wonder how much they cost here in Philippines..

watson said...

Medyo mahal sya. How lucky of you to receive two pairs!

joei said...


these crocs are the same footwear which endanger children while using the escalator machines in malls because of the materials used.they tend to get caught in the "teeth" of the escalators.

but they are real comfy though

joei said...

warning to you people of this generation:

thou shall not covet thy neighbor's crocs.