October 22, 2007

Love in the Time of Marquez

There is reason to celebrate Gabo's utterly brilliant novel, Love in the Time of Cholera. Why? It's the new film by Mike Newell:

Even Oprah picked this one for her recent Book Club and I hope with this kind of promotion Gabo's popularity will soar again as he did when he published his One Hundred Years of Solitude.

I fell in love with his books not because of the subject but more for the sheer imagination he has planted into his words where the impossible become possible, the unbelievable become believable. Moreso, his words breathe in that sultry dusty and heady air of South America which is not that different from ours. Think of the cobblestone streets of Intramuros, Nick Joaquin stories, rondalla music, the smell of camphor wood, the waxed sheen of narra planks of old Spanish homes, clip-clop noise of the caretela horse, the rich taste of egg yolks blended into the flan, water stains on limestone walls and mildew smell of the pages of leather-bound books. It's no wonder why a LOT of Filipinos put Marquez as their top choice for a Nobel-prizewinning author. I hope with this new film out, more Pinoys shall enjoy Marquez's works for the pleasure of it, and I'm confident it will be as enduring as Florentino's love for Fermina.


Theresa said...

I absolutely loved this book!

Rose Longakit said...

hi there! finally read the book!! i bought a copy a few months ago but never really got around to reading it until a couple of weeks ago.
just thinking aloud... perhaps what Florentino had with Fermina was more of an obsession rather than love... or maybe suppressed infatuation that turned into obsession, LOL. nonetheless, i enjoyed reading it except for what happened to America Vicuna, which was absolutely 300% his fault!! (how could he!?? i hated him for it!)
it was interesting to read the part where he was eating flowers coz it reminded him of Fermina! I find that ridiculous, hehehe. I was moved on how Florentino & Fermina stealthily wrote each other a letter everyday...
Marquez is truly ingenious in his imagination, ideas and the way he writes. :)