January 26, 2008

Dead on Arrival

Dead on Arrival
by: Julsitos

Their bare feet swept the floors herein,
without a sound to paint despair,
but as they stopped to call me in
the smell of death pervades the air.


mita said...

Its my birthday, been looking for a nice place to treat my office friends and thought of looking up amici de don bosco but instead saw your blog. I cant believe you have actually written all that-- how i envy you.. how long had you been sitting in front of ur pc with all those things in your mind flowing like a rich and diverse ecosystem? i dont know if id ever be able to post anything in my blog anymore. Run out of topic and too busy with work. But I enjoyed reading yours, very prolific...and disturbing..?? hehehe..

Anonymous said...

By the way, do you know of a forum where doctors discuss autopsy reports? i have medical negligence cases and really hard time understanding them. my email is mita_pb@yahoo.com. thanks :-)

AngelMD-No-More said...

hahaha very well said. since ure a big brother jj now, i dont think u get to pronounce a number of doa's at the er still. u have a first yr now to do this for u...hehe welcome back. time to clean up ur blog of cobwebs and dusts.hehe

Dr. Emer said...

Sad, sad, sad.

But it teaches you to be prepared and be a better doctor one day.

Rose Longakit said...

whew, this sounds sad.

(doc, glad to know you're blogging again!)

watson said...