July 01, 2008

Namets! Namets!

NAMETS teaser from fiona borres on Vimeo.

This is perhaps a testament to the love of the Negrenses to their homegrown culinary specialties that at times borders already to bacchanalian obsession. Talk to any expatriate Negrense (don't you just love the way the word rolls from your tongue?) and each one shall wax poetic about their favorite Ilonggo meal be it inasal to batchoy to pancit molo to guinamos bisaya to piayaya and puto Manapla. If this will further enhance the prestige of Filipino cuisine, then all food-loving Pinoys and non-Pinoys should watch it. Coming this August to the city that sugar built, Jay Abello's "Namets!" will be one film to savor for months to come.


the mires and muses of a 26yo unpublished author said...

hey. :) you left a comment in my blog, told me I write like jessica zafra. that's like blasphemy (on her part, of course). hehehe. thanks for noticing. actually, I don't update my blogger account, so it looks messy. i use my multiply account. but i just may update this blog. how did you come across it? anyway, I'm not working in publishing. I'm in teaching. you in bacolod?... will watch this indie flick when it hits the theaters in august (right?)... anyway, drop me a line. take it easy. :)

watson said...

Hello JJ! Where is this going to be shown? Nice, appetizing trailer!

Thanks for dropping by the adobongblog, by the way!