June 08, 2009

Gerry Alanguilan's Elmer Set

One fateful afternoon, I arrived home happy to see that the package from Gerry Alanguilan had arrived. I took a cutter and carefully opened the box.

I was pretty much impressed on how much care and diligence the package was wrapped. It was neatly bubble-wrapped so that no matter how rough the transit was, the contents would arrive safe and sound.

Out came the box. From the outside, the product was indeed a product of love. No mediocrity here and the craftsmanship on which it was made was very much palpable.

I was anxious to open the Elmer box set probably because I was afraid that my fingers would smudge the box and the pages of the graphic novel. I hate having oily fingerprints all over the surface but I wouldn't go into extremes like gloving my hands as if I was in the Vatican Library. What makes this set more special is the fact that only 20 of these exist and yes, it was Filipino made. Thank you Gerry and Ilyn for offering such a unique item.

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