November 17, 2004


PDI's Nov.6 editorial by Jess Abrera. Posted by Hello

Jess Abrera's editorial cartoon last November 6 really got my goat. Why? For all the unjustified invasion of Iraq and America's arrogance to the world, Dubious Dubya still was painted as a savior of deteriorating moral values in the States. This theory that the American evangelicals (composed of right-leaning White males and Born-agains) was the big electoral chunk that propelled Bush to the White house is mere speculation. Anyone can claim to be a born-again bible-thumping moralist for goodness sake.

What I cannot understand is why the cartoonist, Jess Abrera, has to be so blind as to solely portray the Great Satan as a last savior for moral values. Well, as we all know, Lucifer was indeed an angel prior to his fall. I agree with moral values and respect for the family, but with Bush's record of treachery, stupidity and uncreativity, those two issues seem to be off-tangent with his agenda. It's either he has seen the light on his way to Damascus (Saul's conversion) or this is just a mean cheap trick to further bait the right-leaning hill-billiesque still-stuck-in-the-70s Midwest. In fact, it's absurd to see how "faithful" and "church-going" he is while knowing that he has no qualms as to how many Iraqis have been blown up or killed. The sheer hypocrisy!

Again, back to Abrera... It's also ironic that he painted Bush as such while discounting all the misery and arrogance Bush paraded through his previous four-year term. And what's with all the crap like that Filipino family in the background jumping for joy as if Bush is our messiah. The one who drew this is a moralist Pharisaical pig whose views are so blatantly partial and right-leaning that it has come to the point that it's already disgusting, especially in a daily broadsheet. This cartoonist is a sycophant of Medieval "moral views" regardless of all the human rights it has stepped upon. If I am not mistaken, he will gladly paint Torquemada of the torturous Spanish Inquisition fame as the saint who saved Spain from heresy!! And of course he'll just sweep under the rug all those Moriscos (Spanish moors) and those Jews who have been tortured and killed during that period.

Editorial cartoons should be sarcastic to government policies and world views as a means of criticism in the hope of change, but not being a mouthpiece to right-wing bible-thumping propagandists whose agenda are left to be desired. Patriotic editorials are great because we really need it, but so-called "Christian" tripe is certainly (for me) not for editorial consumption because: one, not everyone shares the same view since morality is relative; second, other religions comprise 10% of our population; third, there's the separation of church & state (which is virtually non-existent here anyway).

I am not a moralist, but I know when sheer hypocrisy is being shoved into my face in the form of an editorial cartoon. I don't need that crap in the morning. And certainly never while I'm taking my morning coffee.


k. abrera said...

have you checked the meaning of editorial? it is to give the expression or opinion of an editor or a publisher. and an editorial cartoon is usually dependent on the article.
it is not meant to sway anybody with their opinions and it is not just for being sarcastic to government policies as you say. it is a vehicle for the editors and publishers to show their views and opinions on any striking issue that affects the majority or the whole country.

secondly, giving an opinion doesn't make a person right or wrong. you don't have to strike a personal blow just because you don't agree with someone's opinion.

and as far as i know, inquirer isn't owned by my uncle jess. so have you thought that maybe any editorial cartoon that he does is approved by someone or by a group of people working in the newspaper like he is?

be careful of your arrogance and ignorance sir. or people might think that you are just one narrow minded, self-righteous, know-it-all that thinks his opinions are far better and correct than the rest of us. 'the sheer hypocrisy!'

next time, try analyzing things first before you show everyone your out of the line punches and self righteous indignation. people just might see it (or you) as stupid- or your blog as what it is - idiotic.

and what is really the problem? the editorial cartoon or the fact that the philippines is affected by every decision bush makes about this so-called war? or is it that bush keeps putting his nose where it doesn't belong and every thing he puts his nose into turns into a war? or we can go national, maybe the problem is that there is still too many corrupt officials in the government? too many people getting pay cuts even if it is a job that they are hired to do...

whatever the socio-political or econimic problem that the philippines is in, i suggest you vent your frustrations on that. rathen than choosing a prey who is just doing his job, who is just putting humor in a very serious situation, and most importantly, who is just giving an opinion.

Jules said...

Thank you for that wonderful feedback. Your comprehension skills are amazing.

I may have gone overboard with the "moralist Pharisaical pig" part for that I apologize to whatever offense it has caused your sensibilities. It was uncalled for and unfair. I'm sure your uncle, Jess, is a wonderful and good person. But as an editorialist, I stand firm in the belief that an editorial cartoonist's level of maturity is reflected on humor, clarity, and balance of its works. Having a self-righteous and proselytizing agenda reflects the kind of ed.cartoon he dishes out, similar to the ones being drawn by Islamofascists and those Danish cartoons. It shoves the artist's religious beliefs right down the public's throat, which I vehemently oppose. If you have seen some of his recent editorials, you just might agree.

(Newsflash: that said cartoon did not go hand in hand with the jist of the editorial article.)