November 20, 2004

Tempus Fugit

Hmmm. Tempus Fugit. Time flies. I feel I am in a race with an invisible enemy who holds the shots in either extending or crunching my available minutes. It's as if Father Time is dangling his stop watch in front of my face like that carrot on a stick routine reassuring me that I have still 5 minutes but actually I'm already late. Procastination sucks terribly I hate to admit.

Others call it lack of time management, but when you can already feel that there's some form of cosmic conspiracy for you not to be on time, then, it's something else. This time, it's not the Filipino factor of being perennially late, but perhaps more of a collaboration of all the Murphisms in the universe conspired that moment of your morning to make sure you will never arrive on your "expected time of arrival."

Most of us in this hellhole called Manila blame traffic as the number one cause of tardiness. For instance, I left my apartment about 25 minutes before endorsements thinking that I have made an effort to be on time, but alas, the whole stretch of Roxas boulevard was closed by the MMDA (Manila's Most Dysfunctional Authority) just so that a few pesky pot-bellied joggers can make an oblation run through the strip. It's irritating to note that your effort has been shot down like a hot potato. So I arrived at the office without a credible excuse except a quick haggard response of, "the joggers did it!"

I thank God that my current department is not a stickler for punctuality because for them, as long as the job gets done without encountering trouble either for the department or to the consultants or to the operations, then all is well. But then the fact remains that I am late. No amount of excuse can change that. This is somewhat shameful on my part, but what must I do to avoid such eventuality? Hmmm... simple time management? Ohhh.. yeah... Why haven't I thought of that? Doh! Well, I tried and still try to get up but if your bed is as comfortable as your future coffin, then it's really really difficult to open your eyes.

Oh well, back to square one.

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