January 25, 2005

Word for the Day # 2

Floods, fires, disasters and earthquakes are great devastating events which usually shake the senses of a whole generation prompting it to immortalize it in its vocabulary. Here's my take on the most recent and worst disaster known to man in recent history.

Tsunami: Japanese. /choo'-nuhhh-meee/

1. A series of unfortunate events happening so fast you need not blink twice
e.g. Malaking tsunami naganap sa jeep nung nilabas ng kawatan ang baril.

1. To be inundated with dead, floating, rotting, unnecessary details
e.g. Please clean your room kasi mukhang natsunami dito.
e.g. Na-extend ang board meeting kasi mahilig magtsunami ang presentor.

2. To become the bearer of devastating news which one cannot go back to status quo after
e.g. Nung nalaman ni Celia na may kabit si mister, tsinunami na ito.

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