April 21, 2005

Benedictus Maledictus

Isn't it funny that after the outpouring of emotions and tears over the death of beloved John Paul II, the world still expects to have a pope as fatherly and benign-looking as him. Instead, the College of Cardinals elected a man whose face can terrify any believer. His name is Joseph Ratzinger, a 78-year old German who headed the Doctrine of the Faith. His Germanic blood really shows. Strong. Aggressive. Uncompromising.

Well, he was a Hitler youth back then. And he has that heavy atmosphere around him which unlike that of JPII cannot ignite a spark of electrical spirituality or any mystical experience. I doubt it if one sees this man, you would jump up and down crying with tears flowing down your cheeks like rivulets. And if I see him kissing a baby, it might remind me of the Grinch. But it's still early to judge. Perhaps it is best to wait and see if his aura will rub on others- hopefully in the right way, that is.

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