April 08, 2005

Told the World of His Love

(to the tune of "Tell the World of His Love", the theme of World Youth Day 1995)

For God so loved the world
He gave us the greatest pope
John Paul II our father,
His most precious one.
He gave us a message of peace
and preached to those who'll hear
He brought the message to everyone
in a voice loud and clear.

Let us tell the world of his life,

the greatest pope the world has known.
He searched the world for those who
have not yet heard and led them home.
He filled the world's darkest corners
with his smile from up above
He walked every step, every mile, every road
and told the world,
Told the world of His love.

The reason why so many Catholics and non-Catholics loved and mourned the death of Pope John Paul II is because he gave the world what other popes and leaders had not- that is HOPE....

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