April 21, 2006

Myleene Klass

This Fil-Brit sensation is the toast of the Classical world in 2005. Although she is more known for her gigs in the British pop arena, classically-trained Myleene Klass branched out into the more refined and rigid classical genre. Based in the UK, this Avril Lavigne lookalike has earned a cult following for her exotic Eurasian look and her virtuosity with classical piano. I think she has even grazed the pages of British FHM. If Maxim is the male version, Myleene is the female counterpart. She has recorded her first album, "Moving On" which has gone gold and was nominated for an award in the UK classical scene. I have yet to hear her Moving On album, but suffice to say that her MTV in Classic fM TV looks stunning. Why don't we have a classical channel here????

Be blown away with her classical MTV as she play Bach's Toccata & Fugue (a short variation actually):

At least now, we can have another half-Pinoy to be proud of. Yihee!


ade said...

wow... she's pretty!

and talented too.

Jules said...

ade: did you watch her mtv video at http://www.myleeneklass.co.uk/? galing at ganda talaga ng pilipino... :)

Theresa said...

i see how this girl is multi-talented : she can play and she can bare. wonder what's with her sense of style? :P

Steel said...

Hey...she does have klass!
Get it? Klass?

Abaniko said...
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Abaniko said...

Simply gorgeous! Is her CD available in Pinas already?

Jules said...

steel: weheheheh
abaniko: i've checked sa local cd stores, ala pa daw. they don't know who she is, sayang.

Kiko said...

Hmm.. total deviation from your usual postings ha 'dre hehehe