April 25, 2006


Thanks to US-published manga artist Jennyson Rosero, this clip shows how NOT to do a field report. Funny as it is, it doesn't bode well for the state of journalistic professionalism here in the Philippines. Because GMA (and ABS-CBN) focuses more on human drama and sensationalism, it reaps the fruits of ill-researched and subjective field reporting. Nonetheless, enjoy.


ade said...

saw that over at cofibean.

itdoesn't speak well for the state of journalism here. we're screwed. sigh.

Steel said...

Jennyson rosero now works abroad? Nice. I loved his work back when he was with Questor mag.

Anonymous said...

ninerbiyos lang siguro yung reporter. parang anlayo na agad ng conclusion. may efforts din naman kaming mga taga-media para maging maayos ang balitang ihinahatid namin sa inyo.


yuri said...

ang daming away nun ha.. first time go LIVE! ata...ahahahaha

BernicE said...

onli in da pilipins!
it was just a bad day for michael fajatin, malamang kinabahan lang or naoverwhelm sa pagdisperse at pagaaway kaya inulit ng inulit ng inulit ng inulit

monmon said...


i learned a lot... nag away tapos... anu daw?