May 07, 2006


by Julsitos

At last you're free,
smile for the day is done,
where rest shall be your friend
with your journey at an end
the shackles of your heart now gone.

At last you're free,
free from the peering eyes of hate,
where the blossoms caress you
and the wind shall cleanse you
the smear that sullied you of late.

At last you're free
to think of lighter things
beneath the bluest sky
passed the clouds on high
where the joy of our Lord abundantly springs.

At last you're free
your eyes closed, you face at ease
with neither sadness nor pain
just sleep and sleep again
for where there's rest, eternal peace.

*poem for my mom who died April 25, 2006. painting by


monmon said...

condolence... believe it or not.. my mom died last APRIL 25, 2003...

and i do know how much it pains to see your mom inside the coffin... but more when you have to put her leave her on the cemetery...

condolence... next sunday is mother's day...

Jules said...

thanks. first dad, now my mom. it has been difficult for us. we'll be burying her ashes on mother's day.

Theresa said...

condolence. This is a beautiful piece of poetry for someone who I know you cared for so much.
will always include her and your family in our prayers.

BernicE said...

condolence jules.

she's an angel now :)

yuri said...

condolence bro... i feel for u. naiyak ako sa poem mo... take it easy ok.

Cez said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Heaven has a new angel and she's watching over you.

Lovelle said...

I just want you to know that whatever happens I will always be a friend you can talk to. She may not be here physically with us but she will always be there watching over you and praying that you will be able to reach whatever aspirations you have in life.

Gypsy said...

My condolences..I visit your blog often and have been entertained and my mind tweaked by the thoughts you've shared. This poem touched my heart. Thanks for sharing. May the Lord grant you and your family His comfort in the midst of your grief.

ade said...



Kristine said...

My condolences...

Jules said...

everyone: thanks for all your support and consolation. i'll be going back to bacolod tomorrow to bury my mom on mother's day.

sumus omnes in manus dei <"all in the hands of God"> -James Clavell, Shogun

banzai cat said...

Er, sorry I know this is late but wishing you my condolences also.