October 28, 2006

Jollibee Scandal

If people think it's only the Disney characters in Paris who do the most inappropriate things backstage, they should watch Jollibee in action. Ahh, the beauty of Pinoy humor.

Jollibee Gets Lucky:

Jollibee After Getting Laid:


BernicE said...

hahahaha... sana si Mr. Yum na lang at si twirlette (shux obvious ba na kilala ko ang jollibee mascots?) kasi mascute sila hahahaha

ade said...

that is so damn wrong.

that's why I love it.

Jules said...

bernice & ade: only in the pilipins! sana mcdo naman next!

ade said...

"sana mcdo naman next!"
You mean like this?

Citizen of the World said...

Oh dear. What fun!

Anonymous said...

That is one SICK video! Good laugh dude!