October 03, 2006

Kwentong Tambay

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

This blogbook by Mr. David aka "Batjay" is a terrific accompaniment to your bathroom needs. It's funny, irreverent and replete with the greenest of jokes. Although it has been marketed as a joke book from the eyes of an OFW, for me it crosses the boundery into Pinoy 'Benny Hill' show. Each vignette and quip is very well written and always bring a smile to any reader. This is perfect for the beach, for parties, for defecating or even as treatment for somnolence.

Pros: Very earthy, bawdy and does not dumb down its audience. Excellent punchlines. Simple but effective cover- yellow always catches the eye. Fonts are large. . Reasonably priced.

Cons: Wished it could have been more organized rather than mix everything up.

Source: Filbars

Blogsite: Kwentong Tambay


watson said...

Good to know it's available in bookstores already1 Got my copy at the book fair at the World Trade Center and my wife read it from cover to cover.

BatJay said...

maraming salamat sa review bossing. ganyan din ang sinabi sa akin ng isang nagbasa ng libro - ok raw na companion sa loob ng kubeta. hehehe...

kung kasama ang ginawa ko sa pinaka private na lugar na gumagawa ng pinaka private na functions eh di - i am honored siguro.

thank you sa puna sir. sabi ko nga sa editor ko eh next time, ayusin namin ang mnga entries according to subject matter. pero sabi naman niya eh ok ang chop suey style. di ko na tuloy alam ang gagawin.


Gypsy said...

You got me with "funny and irreverent"--those are my fave pinoy charactertistics. Will certainly look this book up! Thanks!