August 18, 2004

Amazing Race!

Wow. This reality show sure is fun!! Not only you get to see the Pyramids, Catherine's Palace in Russia, the Nile, Kilimanjaro, but you also see the pairs struggle their wits as they pass each challenge whether it may be physical (pulling a huge block of Pyramid stone 50 meters using no wheels), gastronomic (eating 1-kg of caviar in a hurry) or mental (block ice hockey pucks 5 times). The tests are ingenious and never boring and the contestants are really funny (with all their sarcasms, double-dealings and insults) but not to the point where you get irritated by them. This is so unlike Survivor where you were stucked in a never changing island full of whiny, lazy, spoiled inconsiderate ugly Americans who do not know how to cook decent rice doing nothing all day except scratch their folliculitis-infected bottoms and conspire to smilingly backstab their groupmates.

When you watch Amazing Race, you heart goes tachycardic (>100 bpm) and your skin become diaphoretic (sweaty) from watching the hurried & harried faces of the contestants who are all under time constraints. The visual & aural stimuli are tremendous, resulting with you wanting to watch more. Better than Survivor.

Update: They're on the way from Tanzania and going to Dubai, UAE next week. And the whiny cousins Mirna and Charla (people call her Shmirna) are thankfully eliminated. Note how loooong Mirna's hug with Phil! And Charla's speech made Phil Keoghan choke! hahahaha... ;P I pray that somewhere in Dubai, Colin & Christie will be ambushed by Taliban Ninja Fighters or something. And I pray that cool Chip & Kim wins this so amazing race!!! They have the class and the decency that no other team has. Isn't it ironic that it's the white pairs who are showing how ugly Americans are? Cheers!

Next Week: Colin goes to jail!!! Yahoo!!

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