August 11, 2004


There was an article about a week ago wherein the government announced that the air in Manila is at par with world health standards. What tha? Have they gone that stupid from testing air quality here? To think they are "college" graduates"! I guess a degree does not gurantee intelligence, that's fer sure! There are only two conclusions to their disinformation: one, it's just the government's run-of-the-mill white propaganda (more like puro pampaganda) or two, their air quality gathering equipment is so decrepit and obsolete that any result coming from it is off-tangent. Probably, the air quality they were investigating were those of Mars or Jupiter. Most probably from Uranus! Geez. They think Filipinos are that dumb not to notice their celestial results.

If their quotations cannot be trusted, whose then? Simple. Our boogers!

Yes! Our booger, kulangot, pong-it, or snot is the best indicator of air pollution levels in Metro Manila. Not only it is free and easy to get, it's natural!!

How? Just at the end of day, pick your nose and collect a sample of your daily remnants. Then, rub it in between your fingers until you get a nice homogenous consistency in which you then compare it with a corresponding color chart that shows the present pollutants in the atmosphere. Easy, no? It's better than to trust some ambigious result doctored by the DENR. =)

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