August 10, 2004

Collateral Headache

Louie, Enna (both batchmates & interns at Manila Doctors) and I watched Collateral at Robinson's Place Manila yesternight. I just settled for White Cheddar popcorn and Ice tea from Tater's to make my viewing pleasure more palatable.

Watch out! Random spoilers ahead!

For a complete synopsis, check out this site:
Collateral from

To make the whole gamut short, the movie was too fast and furious. Tom Cruise's timely end was anti-climatic but there were good chase-and-run scenes in the end. The premise as the assassin is satisfactory but the premise on why he's killing those people is at most, murky. His acting was Hollywood-like as always, with posing-posing, pregnant pauses and cowboy dialogues, but he managed to pull everything off in his favor. But I have to praise Jamie Foxx (Max) who played the cab driver to was coerced into servicing Vincent in his game of "sutukil" (shoot-to-kill). Max's acting was brilliant- the way he was panic-stricken by all the lightning speed events happening around him and his change of character from the optimistic coward to the fatalistic hero. His emotions were neither melodramatic nor exaggerated but were on the other hand, befitting for someone in the edge of being shot, not to mention that his complicity to Vincent's job made him a "black" accessory to the crime. I simply enjoyed the look on the driver's face when he was told by Vincent to retrieve the list of victims from Felix. His face became white from fear. Hahahaha.

Collateral, while a good cat-&-dog film, gave me migraine. I don't know if it was from the popcorn or from the drink, but I'm sure all those exploding car chases, blair-witch carmera shots, and those endless running contributed to that throbbing feeling inside my head.

Soooo... I rate this movie: One thumb up!!! Yipee!! (Cuz the other thumb is on my cell's keypad texting!)

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