August 16, 2004

Eternal Blank in the Spotless Mind

Don't you just hate it if you have a writer's block? I mean, when your head is out of ideas to churn out or the words are lost in the air. There is some grain of truth to what "spiritualists" say about writing. They theorized that creativity (writing, painting, composing, etc.) comes from inspiration, and this inspiration is possible because our "spirit guides" or guardian angels send these signals or ideas for us work on.

I wonder if seasoned authors get such block. If they do, here are some of my take on their works:

Can you imagine J. K. Rowling of the Harry Potter series if one fateful day she was stricken by the bug? She might chuck it all up ala the painter Paul Gaugin and decide that she is getting tired of Potter that she instantly have him and Hermione elope for good. Well, if she wishes that Ron shall enter the fray, then they could have a menage-a-trois. If I were Rowling, I would suddenly have the wicked urge to end the saga in the middle chapter where Harry will have a heart attack and due to an earthquake, Hogwarts shall crumble down and kill everyone to smithereens. Yes, even incontinence-stricken Dumbledore dies because the dumb Dumbledore was on the act of changing his adult diapers in the lavatory. The Horror!

How about the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown? Doesn't he get the writer's block from time to time? He might have been tempted to end the chase then and there at the villain's house but since he is so well into the novel, we get a hundred pages more to read. Wouldn't it be funny that instead of the couple finding all those clues in the Louvre, the sprinkler system kicked in and washed away those written messages leaving Langdon and his mate clueless as ever. Or what if the zealot monk decided to hijack the private jet and as a protest to Bush's War of Agression, he rammed the plane into Big Ben just like Sept. 11? Such would bring a smile!

So, after writing this rant, is my spotless mind still blank? Positively so!

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