August 02, 2004

Going Nuts over Donuts

MMM. The Pandora's box of goodies! Posted by Hello

MMM... donuts. Seen here are the Peanut Butter frosts and Berry Full Stuffits Posted by Hello

MMM.... what can I say? These donuts from Gonuts Donuts are really really delicious. They are like Krispy Kreme of the Philippines. "Insanely delicious" is what the product blurb tells us. The dough is soft and moist- similar to those no-bake brownies. There is no lemony taste or the sickeningly sweet sensation in the dough. It's not that sweet. And this delight is carried by the yummy taste of the glaze or the filling. The filling is really really good. For example, I love their peanut butter donut where the frosting if reheated tastes like real soft delectable peanut butter. So far that's my favorite, though some of the flavors like the Chocohazelnut and the Berryfill really stands out.

The line in Greenbelt3 is continuous and you can see all those donuts disappear before your eyes. I've heard that at the main branch at the Fort, you need to wait for 2 hours. The turnover is so fast that by the time you reach the counter to tell the cashier your orders, they sometimes will regretfully (but happily) inform you that your chosen flavor is already gone. It's ironic because it was only 10 minutes ago that you saw a whole tray of them.

And people cannot stop buying this stuff. It's as if the whole world turns on this donut alone. You can see families going to the movies, lovers strolling by, children waiting with boxes upon boxes of Gonuts Donuts. It's amazing to see hordes of people gorging and stuffing their faces with these donuts- and still keep a smile.

Is this just a fad? I don't think so. Compared to the price of a single donut from Dunkin or Mister Donut, the difference is a mere peso. It's very affordable, even if the product is coated in exclusivity. It's a status of good taste to have them. So rather waste your money on some mass-produced donut that you can't even finish a single one, sample and get addicted on Gonuts Donuts. I just can't help raving about this stuff. You'll never go wrong on this one!

***oh yeah, I was paid by Gonuts for the article. Psyche!


Dr. Emer said...

I hate to be a killjoy, but these donuts may also be "insanely unhealthy." I wonder how much sugar and carbohydrates it carries. I've seen the lines, too. Bombarding your body with sugar might prove to be one of the most regrettable decisions many will make and regret in the future when they are lying on their hospital beds. ;)

Sassy Lawyer said...

Doc Emer naman...

There are only two donut stores in the Philippines worth the name donuts: Gonuts Donuts and Country Style Donuts.

So, nag-branch out na pala ang Gonuts Donuts... meron na sa Greenbelt.

Anonymous said...

pila pa din kahit sa greenbelt. they should've put up the store outside of food choices. masyado ng masikip dun.

second the motion, country style and gonuts.