July 21, 2004

Bizu ala Carte!

Ready for the kill!!

All smiles from here! Posted by Hello

ahem ahem ahem... allow me to clear my throat... the photo above was taken when? last may? yes, it was.. last may. anyways, jan paul hormillosa of new york arrived here last may for a long vacation. and during his last leg, he stayed near gb4 in makati and during our last gimmik with him, we went to bizu, that swanky dessert resto in greenbelt 4. the place was painted ochre and purple like cheeze and ube, perhaps to stimulate the appetite. there were lots of yuppies and buena familias there... obviously oblivious to the dessert. ohhh... the dessert... those sinful delectable mounds of sweetness. i ordered vanilla shake to go with my cheezecake/mousse and at first i was a bit disappointed at the proportions given. well, this was a big irony. it's because the cake was so heavy and laden with cream, chocolate ganache, and syrup that after a few bites, i surrender to its prowess... so there were: Terai, Jp, Me, and Robinson all prepared to indulge into the most sinful desserts imaginable. mmmmmmm.... the chocolate was intoxicating,... so rich... so sticky that it clings to the palate and the cream so ....well, creamy. anyways, the service is such that is expected from those swanky gb4 restos. crisp, clean cut and somewhat efficient....but not that creative and attentive to the customers

Ratings: (5* criteria)
Interiors: ***
Value for Money:***
Overall: ***

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