July 30, 2004

Mister Roboto

Le Chatelier's Principle:
"Complex systems tend to oppose their own proper function."

I, Robot is the new movie starring Will Smith involving him in the "man against the machine" theme melded with the question of Darwin's evolutionary survival. The twists involved are obtuse, while the plot is linearly predictable which makes this film not that "spectacular" or memorable but with it's flashy visual effects and cgi animations, this makes the movie a notch below Minority Report. Though linear, the mystery and the fast pacing keeps you at the edge of your seat. The dialogue is cliched and very very hollywood with all their pregnant pauses and their saccharin expressions- well what do you expect with a high-budgeted sci-fi schlock from tinsel town? However, the advantages outweighs the downsides. The action and the thrill of the chase keeps your eyes on the screen.

I give it 7.5/10.

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