July 22, 2004

Down with a cold!

I dunno what the hell's happening but suddenly (more like the whole afternoon) I feel as if I was going down with a cold. Good thing there's Paracetamol around because at least in this way, the symptoms won't be as bad. Most likely, this is just a viral infection so antibiotics are out of the question (for the time being.) But damn, that feeling of fatigue, heavy eyes, raspy throat, and increased frequency of sneezing, makes the condition worse than it seems.

Nana, Raprap and I went to Robinsons Place today to buy some groceries. Goodness, the prices have skyrocketed so much that our one cart-full of groceries (mainly veggies, meat, toiletries & household items) costed us like 3k. When I was still in college, say 1998, P1,500 worth of goods are already sufficient for the monthly use. But now, our peso value has sunked so much that it is not worth anything at all. Your P100 can now only buy a couple of items, unlike then, when that kind of money can already buy a family-size pizza.

I also bought an internet card from Mega store near National bookstore. I was rudely awaken last night by the sudden disconnection of my presumably unlimited PLDT Vibe postpaid internet line.  Reason? Well, that fucked-up company said that I overused over P2k worth of internet hours, consequently, my account was blocked until the 1st of the next month REGARDLESS of PAYMENT of the BILL FOR THE CURRENT MONTH! So, I asked that since I paid my bill for this month, won't the usage also revert back to zero? The guy said, "No sir, regardless of payment made, usage is charged from the 1st of the month." Huh? So, what's the use of paying on time? And furthermore, why don't they inform the users that such can occur and will occur regardless of loyal payment of bills? Just to show you that logic and reason here in the Philippines is and ever will be skewed.  It's not very customer-friendly of them to treat its customers this way.  So right now, I have to contend myself with a trusty anonymous internet card and an upcoming sniffles. Pass me the Tempra, will you?

Ahh... be sure to check-out this satirical site (Thank God for small miracles!):

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