July 25, 2004

Snot & Colds

I definitely have the colds. My eyes can't stop watering and my sinuses are clogged with a mountainful of mucus. I already took Tuseran and Biogesic but it seems it's not that effective. Well, I should know, shouldn't I? ***sigh*** Mostly it's viral so all treatment is therapeutic and symptom-based. Good thing, there were Sylvanas in the fridge. Mmmm!

Got a pirated DVD from ol' trusty Quiapo. It's called "Mishima" which is primarily based on the life of Japan's most prolific and distinguished post-WWII author, Yukio Mishima. I thought at first, "Ah.. Japan.. my homeland... anything from there is good." I guess I was mistaken, 'cuz the film itself was too "poetic" that watching it akins to appreciating paintings by MirĂ² or Basquiat in one sitting. One, it was boring and bereft of anything "samurai" unlike the films of Kurosawa. But pettiness aside, the film is a wonderfully made and sincere portrayal of the author-schizophrenic. The music which was composed by Richard Glass is very haunting and appropriate for Mishima.

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